Fuel polishing


Also referred to as Fuel Scrubbing, Fuel Conditioning, Fuel Filtering. All of the above are different terms used to describe the removal of water and micro-bacterial contamination of diesel fuel oil.

The condition of stored diesel fuel will, over time, deteriorate due to contamination building up.
The most common form of contamination is water moisture build up in the fuel oil. This provides an environment for accelerated micro-bacterial growth.
Sludge and biomass pollutants build up in the fuel, which if left un-cleaned will leave acidic deposits on the generator injectors and worst still prevent the operation of the generator, when you need it most.
The quality of your stored fuel oil is not guaranteed by your diesel fuel suppliers.
During summer, the storage tanks act like an incubator – accelerating the micro bacterial growth. The only way to prevent this spoiling your fuel, is to have it polished and all contaminates removed.

Having the fuel polished will remove the dirt and grime build up. This will extend the working life of your diesel fuel by stopping the micro-bacterial growth build up in your fuel storage facility. Our fully trained engineers will filter and cleanse your fuel supply and return the fuel into your onsite fuel storage facility.