GWF Generators are now an official Cummins Onan Dealer.

We can supply you with a full range of Cummins Onan generators.
In addition,  we can also  provide the following for all Onan Commercial Mobile & RV products:
  • Parts
  • Servicing
  • Accessories
  • Repairs
Commercial Applications include:
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Public Service Vehicles
  • Mobile Health Vehicles
  • Hospitality & Show Vehicles
  • Catering and Consumer Vehicles
  • Broadcast Vehicles
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Government & Military Vehicles

Onan in Van

GWF are proud to be able to offer our clients a full range of Cummins Onan Mobile Commercial & RV generators.

Ranging from 4.8kW to 19kW, contact us now to discuss your needs.

Cummins Onan generators are hugely popular for all kinds of recreational vehicles. These generators are fitted in to vehicles such as motor homes, camper-vans, horseboxes, mobile food units and emergency service vehicles.

Cummins products are high quality,  durable and highly reliable, also popular due to their low noise and vibration levels. As with all Cummins generators, these machines come with a warranty. Full details can be provided by our sales team.

For a full range of products and services, contact us by phone: 0333 358 5000 or email: info@gwfgenerators.co.uk

Our experienced, friendly sales team can help you with your requirement and offer constructive advice on your generator and required accessories. We also have our own in-house team of fully Cummins trained engineers who are able to provide technical advice and support.

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Cummins Onan